“A festivel favorite…”
-Big Bend Sentinel

"A Classic country voice that is so rare these days"
Gary P Nunn

"Tessy Lou is Country as a Biscuit!"
Kevin Fowler

"She sings, how do we say, like clear mountain water and it has an old school feel, but it's modern at the same time.  Mighty sweet stuff!"
Jessie Scott

"Not only is Tessy Lou an incredible natural performer, but is truly gifted as a budding songwriter"
Joe Ables

"Tessy Lou has the innate and unique ability to write/perform as one of the guys with the added bonus of a beautiful voice"

Beau Smith



Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars

A perfect blend of voices,instruments, and musicianship. Great original songs and wonderful cover tunes.

Also, great people. One of my absolute favorite bands in Texas !

Chris Wall



"Love them!"

Arcadio Rivera



With an undeniable, effortless lead singer/songwriter, traditional family harmonies, and picking that'll make your soul wanna run, Tessy Lou and The Shotgun Stars will inspire you to sing, write, play, order a drink from the bar and knock the saw dust off the dance floor!

I will be a fan of this musically talented family for the rest of my days.

Corby Schaub